Laboratory no. 3

Ghosts and Haunted Places. Marble Creatures. Sea Bogeys

Dear Readers,

Laboratory no.3 has a rich meaning. Young explorers of myths/legends can choose something special for themselves. It’s said to be haunted shouldn’t concern only  ghosts, but for example a haunting melody, face, memory or the places where one spent one’s time then. Sea bogeys bring new messages – ‘Don’t be jealous because you can do harm to somebody else’ (Circe to Scylla), ‘It’s worth bringing help and overcome evil spirit’ ( Perseus to Andromeda in need). You are invited to solve a mystery of lab no.3 contents to get more interesting knowledge and not to be scared by little one. Besides enjoy admiring  works of art in marble!

The main topics of the lab no. 3 are: Ghosts, haunted places, marble creatures, sea bogeys.

Haunted places


Sea bogeys

The legend of Ramiro. The fisherman from Ria of Aveiro

The legend of Pedro and Inês plus worksheets

Polish students during the extra lesson (Lab no. 3)