A very enlightening trip…

In May 2019 the students of class 5 (Primary School no.10 in Rzeszów) took part in a trip to Inwałd. There is a Park of Thumbnails in this town. The Park is very characteristic because of 65 small models of the most famous buildings and figures in the world. Some of them are connected with myths/legends and our project countries: Sphynx, Acropol, Coloseum, Labyrinth. The students were able to recollect the myth of the extermination of the Minotaur by Theseus (with help of Ariadne’s thread) and the mystery of Sphynx. The bravest students watched ‘Egyptian Horror Show’ which concerned the project lab3 (fear, ghosts). All students were looking forward to seeing a short performance with a dragon as the only  actor. It was a great occasion to think about the Polish legend, titled ‘The Wawel dragon’. Although the dragon was breathing with fire and asking everyone ‘Who is waking me up?’, it wasn’t dangerous but sleepy! The students from our school visited a medieval borough. They were sitting in a castle chamber and listening to the broadcast telling the story about the Inwałd castle. The students heard about the ruler of this castle, his warriors, knights, brave men. It was a splendid introduction to lab no.4…

The main messages of this trip:

 -integration of two classes;

-school subjects correlation (geography, art, history);

-education and entertainment in one;

-a great summary of myths/legends known in the project.