Lab no. 5

Vampires – Dragons – Goblins

Dear Students

Have you ever seen dragons or vampires?

If not, you have a big, new challenge to increase knowledge about them.

You should be afraid of bad luck, misfortune, unknown fate.  Don’t be scared of vampires, dragons or goblins. They won’t hurt you. They have lived only in our imagination, in myths and legends so far.  Your destination is to overpower your fear. The Wawel Dragon, Dracula, Lamia, Striga – why not! Read about them and know their features of character. You had better think about morals, hidden in the myths/legends. We have a request – try to find something good even in very bad figures (characters) or situation. We are sure you will be satisfied with the plots of different, amazing myths and legends.

Polish students during the project lesson

Read our publications:

Greek Vampires

The Slavic vampires


Worksheet based on the legend of Adamastor – Lab no. 5

The set of worksheets and other materials on Lab no. 5 is in our digital repository. Click here

Pictures from project lessons

Creating a Vampire Movie Character

How would a modern vampire be like? You are a filmmaker. Use your imagination and create your vampire movie character! Describe it through a text or a drawing with all the possible details (appearance, character, abilities, weaknesses, style).

Vampires in Cinema

The 25th of September our Music teacher, Mara Kaisari, presented parts of vampire films of all the cinematic history and examined how vampires have changed all these years of filmography. How have we passed from inhuman, animal-like Count Orlok from ‘Nosferatu’ to the gorgeous Edward from “Twilight”?

Our fears in a hat

On October 2019 our students participated in an experiential workshop entitled “My fears in a hat”.

In this workshop we:

  1. Realized that everybody has fears.
  2. We have to talk about our fears.
  3. We must try to understand the fears other people have.

The Fear of Vampires

Mr. Iordanis Aptosoglou, Psychologist and Drama-therapist, organised an experiential workshop. Through special techniques, he helped us to approach the fear of death focusing on the joy of life.

Meeting mr. Mouzakis!

On October 2019 Mr. Stelios Mouzakis, writer and researcher on the vampires in the Greek Folk Tradition gave us a lecture about the Greek vampires and the differences between them and the Vampires globally.