Laboratory no. 4

Kings and princes. Giants and brave men

What does this mean: to be brave? Have you ever thought about it? What features of character does a person with courage have? What kind of motivation forces people to heroism? There are many answers to these questions. Some of them aren’t clear at once. It is said that heroes (brave men) are admired. Can their pride change them for better (worse)? It depends on circumstances, of course.

Dear Students, compare being brave nowadays and in the past. Is it the same? There are a lot of brave kings, princes, dwarfs, goblins, giants, human beings in myths/legends. Thus try to find bravery in yourselves – young, project friends. But at first get knowledge about examples of brave men in literature. An English proverb says: ‘The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’. Our heroes weren’t weak. They were both strong and had imagination to predict that evil would rule the world. The brave men wanted to stop it and bring peace and good again.

Let’s read our publications:

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Assembling jigsaw puzzles is a great hobby which can be both relaxing and challenging. Put pieces of these pictures in proper order. Have fun

preview36 pieceLab 4

Jigsaw puzzle Sisyphus