The legend about Lech, Czech and Rus

One of the oldest Polish legends about three brothers: Lech, Czech and Rus  says about  the beginnings of the Polish country, the choice of our national colours, the emblem and the first capital of our homeland.

When the lands between two beautiful rivers, Vistula and Odra were covered with forests, it was easier to meet a wild animal than a hunter.  Three  brothers were wandering, looking for a new place for living.  Cheerful Lech, smart Czech and silent Rus travelled together.  After a long journey they saw a beautiful land with hills and lakes. The blue sky was reflected in water.  The brothers – travellers were surprised by an amazing view. When Lech was thinking about this landscape, his heart started to beat stronger. Three brothers decided to rest under an old oak.  Suddenly they noticed a white eagle building its nest on it. This magnificent, proud  bird spread its wings and started to fly.  Lech wanted to stay forever in this place and establish his state. Lech chose the eagle as the emblem of the country. The first capital of  his homeland was called Gniezno (the Nest).  The Polish national emblem – the white eagle on a red field – led Polish knights and soldiers to fight for glory and freedom of our homeland – Poland.

The school performance played by Polish students