When December comes the weather is really cold. The 22nd of December is officially the first day of Winter and the snow begins to fall. According to our folk tradition, winter begins with the three celebrations of Saint Barbara (4/12), Saint Savas (5/12) and Saint Nikolaos (6/12) which are considered to mark the beginning of the heavy cold winter. There are numerous beliefs, proverbs and customs related to these three celebrations.

Saint Barbara is the protector of the children against illnesses. In some places, mothers used to make honey pies and share them with the neighbours or leave them at the crossroads in order to soften the Illness.

Similar to the honey pie is the sweet «Varvara» from Thrace. It is made of wheat, prepared the eve of Saint Barbara’s day and shared with the neighbours in order to honour the Saint and wish the children of the family good health.

The 4th of December according to the tradition, we prepared and shared «Varvara» under the guidance of Ms. Tastani. It was delicious!!!