Lab no. 6

Lab no. 6 is about plants and animals.

Dear Students,

Lab no.6 (‘Plants and animals’) is the last one in our project.  People respected nature in the past. Earthquakes, volcanoes’ eruptions, floods, fire, strong winds and heavy rains came like thieves, unexpectedly. Nobody could help struggling with them. In ancient times people were afraid of calamities. On the other hand human beings were able to find something good in changing seasons of the year, the flights of the birds, animals and plants. For example oaks were a symbol of strength, owls – wisdom, eagles – dignity, courage. People used some plants (herbs) to cure their body. The Greeks loved flowers. They regarded them as symbols of beauty. In the ancient Greece the beauty, grace and sporting spirit were very important in people’s existance. Domestic animals were helpful, too. The  mankind took care of our planet – mother Earth. Do we nowadays? Try to answer this simple question…We hope that you will perceive myths and legends in a new, deeper way. While reading different, amazing stories, please think about morals, messages and values brought by them. Let your imagination develop itself a lot! It will be a special challenge and creativity. Your dreams will come true in the nearest future if you protect this wonderful world!

Reading section

Dolphins in Greek Mythology

The scenario of the English lesson based on myths, legends

Plants and animals

The twelve labours of Heracles – a board game created by the Polish team

The twelve labours of Heracles

Plants and animals – digital book

Images of nature in the ideas of the Slavs  ‘Plants and animals’ LAB6 – SUMMARY

Greek Embroidery

Greek embroidery is one of the oldest and most significant handicrafts in the Greek folk tradition. Embroideries were used to decorate the home, traditional costumes, ecclesiastical garments and cloths. Flowers, fruits, cypress trees, birds and eagles are a significant source of inspiration in the Greek folk embroidery tradition. The Greek folk motifs of flowers inspired us during the embroidery workshop organized at school, right before the lockdown. The results are beyond our expectation! When we are altogether again, we plan to use them to make jewels. Plants and animals inspired us a coloring workshop. We searched in the internet for coloring books and pages with plants and animals. This is what we’ve done!

Students’ Gallery

The project workshop

Students’ activities

Let’s play and learn

Our products

  • Calendar – ( We welcomed 2021 with a calendar with photos of Greek plants. Feel free to share it! )
  • Digital plants book (We created a digital presentation of the Greek herbs. Take a look at our Digital Plants Book and enjoy it!)
  • Presentation made by Greek team – ” PAINTING OUR LIVING SPACE “. The need for change in our everyday life has inspired people all over the world the idea of putting more colour in their living space.  Follow the link below to see how boring or unpleasing houses gave their place to beautiful and original residencies by adding just a few coloured patterns.
  • Interactive wreath of Mayday – May Day in Greece is an ancient and much-loved holiday tradition. Every year, on May Day, people in every house make a wreath to celebrate the spring and the nature. We created an interactive wreath of Mayday, where you’ll find customs, proverbs, poems and songs about Mayday and May.

Plants and animals inspired us a coloring workshop. We searched in the internet for coloring books and pages with plants and animals. This is what we’ve done!