Portuguese school

Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Mario Sacramento, Avenida 25 de Abril, 3810-199 Aveiro

Escola Secundária Dr. Mário Sacramento (Dr. Mário Sacramento Secondary School) is the head school of the Dr. Mário Sacramento Cluster of Schools, an organic unit which comprises 7 different school buildings and more than 2,000 students, from preschool to secondary level (students aged 3 to 18).
The secondary school has approximately 1100 students from grades 7 (ages 12-13) to grade 12 (ages 17-18), 120 teachers and 35 non-teaching staff.
Students from grades 7 to 9 follow the regular school curriculum from the Portuguese Ministry of Education; some classes, however, have a different curriculum because they study Music in protocol with Aveiro Music Conservatory.

The secondary-level students can follow a general studies path in the fields of Science and Technology, Socioeconomic Sciences or Languages and Humanities, or they can pursue a vocational path in the area of electromechanics.
The school is involved in several national and international projects: there are three Erasmus+ projects currently running, it is part of the UNESCO network of schools (in association with the University of Aveiro), it has an Eco-Club, a German Club, students are involved in Youth Parliament activities, and, of course, sport-related activities: badminton, basketball, padel, futsal, among others.
Students from the school have consistently had outstanding results in national examinations, leading the school to be the top in the city and one of the best regionally and nationally.
The school has an old tradition in the city of Aveiro. It was founded in 1893 as an artistic school for the local ceramics and pottery industries. Soon, it spread its importance to become an industrial and, in 1914, a commercial school. Students would receive instruction and preparation in technical areas. For many years, the school’s reputation in technical areas of expertise increased; recently, the students’ population and objectives changed and not only did it keep its technical reputation but it also gained a seal of academic excellence.
Due to the recent renovation work, the school is a modern and attractive building, with many pedagogical tools to appeal to both teachers and students.

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