Romanian school

ȘCOALA GIMNAZIALĂ “ION BĂNCILĂ”,Str. Școlilor nr. 46, loc. Brăila, jud. Brăila, Romania

Located in Brăila, a city in Romania, on the Danube River bank, “Ion Băncilă” Secondary School has got a long tradition within the educational system, dating back to the year 1867. Its main objectives are an increase in the quality of the educational act, our students’ personal development from the perspective of lifelong learning and the development of efficient partnerships through taking part in community programmes, involving the parents in the school activities, cooperating with the local and regional educational factors and benefiting from European expertise.

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It is currently a mixed school attended by approximately 520 students, from 0 grade to the 8th grade (students aged 6-14). The school staff comprises 37 teachers (10 primary school teachers and 27 secondary school teachers), 4 auxiliary teaching employees and 6 non-teaching-related employees. There has always been interest on the staff’s part in professional development activities, such as courses, seminars and post-graduate studies. Thus, our students’ results in the National Evaluation exams and in school competitions have been very good (since 2012, the percentage of students who passed the National Evaluation exam and have gone further with their education to colleges and high schools has been 100%). Beginning with the school year 2012-2013 our school has been presented with a Diploma of Excellence for our students’ results in the National Evaluation exams.

Our students attend classes in two shifts (8 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.). The school is endowed with biology, chemistry and ICT laboratories, a library, a psycho-pedagogical counseling office, a hall with a video projector and Internet connection and a gymnasium. There is a computer with Internet connection and a LED television set in each classroom. The school has got its own central heating and a video-camera security system and was rehabilitated in 2011. Each classroom is unique in its style of wall-painting, with scenes depicting various school subjects – Maths, Literature, Music, etc

Our school has constantly been concerned with carrying on various extracurricular activities meant to broaden our students’ horizon on cultural, scientific and linguistic matters . Thus, our students have published literary works in the school’s magazine “Simple but … complicated” (its original name – “Simplu dar … complicat”, ISSN 2559-6705, ISSN-L 2559-6705, MTMProdesign Publishing House, Braila). A large number of county, regional, national and international projects have been implemented in our school, dealing with topics such as history, literature, religion, environment, lifestyle, family and society inclusion, career choice and violence prevention.

Our students are able to communicate well in both English and French, two languages that are studied as part of the national curriculum (English is studied since grade 0 and French since the 5th grade). One of our school’s major concerns has always been to develop our students’ foreign language skills. Apart from the compulsory number of foreign language classes, the school curriculum has included optional foreign languages classes, such as “J’aime le Francais”, “Discover English”, “Successful Writing” and “English around the World”.

International projects (Comenius, Erasmus+ and eTwinning) have been carried out in order to expand our students’ understanding of other cultures and societies, develop their sense of inclusion within the European culture and promote the study of foreign languages.