ISBN 978-973-0-33163-9

The content that follows presents materials that were produced during the short-term exchange of groups of pupils hosted by Szkola Podstawowa nr 10 w Rzeszowie (Rzeszow, Poland), and that have been applied afterwards within the partner schools, as part of the dissemination of the project results. These materials can be used for both lessons (be them compulsory subjects or optional classes) and extracurricular activities.

It is our desire to share this content, as we firmly believe that it may help teachers enrich their methods and encourage students to participate in the teaching process. Including such innovative materials in the educational process largely contributes to the preservation of the European cultural heritage, as well as to forming an identity as active European citizens. Also, apart from the valuable knowledge, they provide the users with an opportunity to embrace the universal values of equality, justice, tolerance and solidarity promoted by the myths content and EXCHANGE OF GOOD PRACTICES:MYTH-RELATED FIXED EXPRESSIONS AND CREATIVE WRITINGthe Erasmus+ project “From MYTHOS to LOGOS. Educational Approaches to the European Folk Myths and Legends” -reference number 2018-1-EL01-KA229-0477012references and by working in teams.

The myth-related fixed expressions and creative writing not only activate vocabulary from both English and one’s native language, but also stimulatethe students’ imagination and develop their ability to make analogies and inferences, draw conclusions and freely express themselves. The project has revealed that the application to classes of the activities presented in the current publication has fostered the cultivation of critical and creative thinking, the familiarisation with the cultural heritage and a significant linguistic improvement.

Within the pages that follow, the authors of the materials would like to share with their peers and anyone interested in the topic the results of their educational research and practice, made possible through the implementation of the Erasmus+ project “From MYTHOS to LOGOS. Educational Approaches to the European Folk Myths and Legends”

ISBN 978-973-0-33163-9

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