This publication ( ISBN 978-973-0-34972-6 ) is one of the end-up products accomplished while implementing the Erasmus+ project “From MYTHOS to LOGOS. Educational Approaches to the European Folk Myths and Legends” (reference number 2018-1-EL01-KA229-047701, Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – School Exchange Partnerships).

The values included in myths and legends are universal, timeless and unifying for all nations. It is therefore important for young people to discover and compare similar or parallel narratives that show common values and beliefs among European countries. As a result, the six phases of implementing the project were divided based on the main topics that appear depicted in myths and legends:

  • Phase 1 – The Sky, the Stars and the Earth
  • Phase 2 – Fairies – Ghouls – Anaskelades – Vixens – Illnesses – Fates and Destiny
  • Phase 3 – Ghosts, Spirits and Haunted Places – Marble Creatures – Sea Bogeys
  • Phase 4 – Kings and Princesses. Greek, Giants, Heroes
  • Phase 5 – Goblins, Dragons, Vampires
  • Phase 6 – Plants and Animals
  • A seventh phase – “Illnesses” – was introduced and worked on during the one-year extension period requested as the Covid-19 pandemics affected the implementation of the project and the conducting of international mobilities.

The authors would like to offer anyone interested the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of applying such innovative pedagogical approaches to their life learning process. The implementations of the activities presented have shown that the students, apart from the valuable knowledge acquired, have embraced the universal values of equality, justice, tolerance and solidarity promoted by the content of th myths and legends, together with their working in teams. Furthermore, they have developed their ICT and linguistic skills, as well as collaboration and creativity.

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