Laboratory no. 2

Fairies, Ghouls, Illnesses, Fates

LAB 2 concerns wandering and looking for something. The wandering of Odysseus is the symbol of a human fate, emotions, feelings. Odysseus has become a great example for those people who make efforts to achieve similar goals in their life, struggling with different problems, difficulties, illnesses. Both faith in success and consistency in action are very important and helpful. Fortunately there  was  hope on the bottom of Pandora’s box.

During workshops on Lab2 students have known some morals/messages of myths/legends:

  • You don’t have to look for a very ‘precious’ treasure.  Your real treasure is sometimes close at hand!
  • Don’t judge by appearances!
  • Listen to your parents!
  • Take advantage of somebody else’s help!
  • All is not gold that glitters!
  • Don’t boast too much!

 – Odysseus’ wandering  – laboratory no. 2 – the Polish team

 – Everything started from Pandora’s box


– A mysterious device in English – introduction to maths lesson (Polish team)

– Lab no. 2. Diagnostic test


Our jigsaw puzzles, enjoy

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