Educational performance

24/01/2019 students of our school took part in a theatrical performance, titled „The gods’ trails’. Giving a young spectator some knowledge about characters of the most popular myths was an  objective of this show.

As far as we know  a life of the Greeks was subordinated to social rules and customs.  It was believed that nothing happens without gods’ will, who interferred in the matters of the mortal people. The gods’ had an influence on changes of the seasons of the year.

Zeus the Thundering took care of the world. He announced both a final decision and a sentence. The universalism of the myths derives  from  Persephone’s, Pandora’s or Daedalus’ troubles and distractions which are familiar with  contemporary people’s ones.

The performance interacts  with our school Erasmus+ project – From Mythos to Logos. The main objective of this project – showing the young people values and good examples of a right behaviour has been done completely.

We are also able to concentrate easily on a message of the myths. Each spectator found something valuable to himself. It is worth mentioning that the students involved in project labs and faculties  have just known several colourful stories about Greek gods, goddesses and heroes.

The students could imagine a plot of a myth told by a teacher.  Participating in a performance they were able to compare their version to a producer’s creativity. They not only noticed costumes and stage props but admired  actors’ play as well. The show was enriched by a modern technology – using a presentation and a mobile phone. It was a great idea to attract attention of the young audience.

Let’s remember about school subjects correlation. The Polish language, history and geography were joined to art, music and ICT tools. We are sure that the show was an unforgettable experience!